Onclick send var to php and keep the button checked

Another newbie question. So sorry in advance if any typo errors. Thank u very much.

So here it is : the php page [employee.php] is shown with variables set as per the selection of the previous page [findemp.php].

On the employee page, the results of all the employees is shown. The variables included in this results are $name, $lastname, $tenure, $type, $commute and $train.

The $name, $lastname, $tenure are explanatory.

$type = is part-time OR fulltime .
$commute = self OR use office bus.
$train = whether completed a mandatory training.

The search is populated with all these variables included by default.

I want to have a accordion at the left side of the page with radio button selection for $type, $commute and $train.

When the radio button is clicked, I want the page to refresh and pass the variable to the same php page. No Ajax, plain javascript. And once the page is refreshed, using the var the results will be sorted and the radio button will be clicked accordingly.

I am posting this from my mobile so could not include my php code. I have figured out the php part, need help with the javascript. I don’t want to select the radio buttons in one go and click on a submit button, I want the results to be sorted onclick of the radio buttons.

Thank you again!