onClick event does not open URL

The Wink toolkit (http://www.winktoolkit.org/previews/59/) has a JS Coverflow implementation, which works in the Safari browser. I’m trying to change the code that produces an alert to code that brings up an HTML page, but it’s not working. Two lines follow, the first is the original code. The second is the modified code - the HTML page it’s to open is in the same folder as the HTML page that contains this code. (“fbItem” merely describes the display colors in CSS.) The alert works fine when clicking. But clicking on the second line shows no change.

<div class="bfItem" onclick="alert(this.innerHTML);">Clickable text goes here</div>
<div class="bfItem" onclick="open(test_coverflow.html);">Tap to display wallpaper.</div>

What’s the correct code to open an HTML page that’s in the same folder?

Steve H

I found the answer: onclick=“document.location=‘url’;”