'On the Fly unique ID' in PL/SQL needed

Background: I am rewriting part of an ASP classic app into crystal reports using my own SQL. I am using sub-reports and groups. Language is PL/SQL, Crystal Reports XI.

SQL: My SQL returns the data correctly in Toad. 9 rows sorted by transfer date descending.

Problem: When using a CR group, it considers the data to be distinct. However in fact, on one date two transfers were made, the result being that my report suppresses the duplicate data although I must show it. All the data in the table is duplicated somewhere, so any field I group by drops rows. Just TransDate comes the closes only 1 row short.

Needed: I guess I need a form of “On the Fly temp unique ID”. A field for this instance that will ensure that each row has a unique ID I can “Group BY” in Crystal. I cannot create a view & I cannot change the originating table. I need an on the fly id of some sort created when my sql is run. I am looking for ideas for a simple way if one exists, not using triggers etc. I have looked at sequences but they do not seem to offer what I need and MAX(???) + 1 AS WHATEVER, but max of course takes the highest date so not really helpful either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

Man, not often you can stump the people in this forum. Guess there is no way to get what I want.

Thanks anyways folks.

this is a database forum

what you have is a crystal reports problem

just sayin’


whoops, this thread ~was~ in the database forum, it got moved to the .NET forum for some reason

Generate a GUID at the appropriate layer.