On Our Radar: How Smartphones Have Changed Us

Yo mama is so fat, the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow.

On Our Radar

And so began our week, kickin’ it old school with some pretty strong opinions coming from mikey_w: anyone who embraces responsive web design is stupid. Ryan agrees that “anyone that thinks Design alone is all there is to web dev is mistaken.” The thread takes a very interesting turn on our dependency on smartphones, and JohnBetong comes in with this amazing image, which is so, so true:


Do we miss anything important by having our phones on us? Ultimately, I don’t think so, but we can live more satisfying lives if we know when to use our smartphones, and when to put them down. There’s something comforting knowing I’m always connected to the world, and at the same time, it can be daunting – so much information at one’s fingertips but only limited recourses to consume it all.

All that information costs something, and the cost of doing business is usually abetted with the use of ads. Mawburn wants to know if we use ad blockers, and how we feel about them both as consumers of media and creators of it. Wolfshade uses blockers so page load times are faster, and Jeffrey isn’t impressed with how many ads appear on pages these days. The consensus seems to be that if it’s built into the product instead of being an eye-sore, it’s something we can live with.

In Short

@ikandee wants to change an element background color on scroll/viewport for a project she’s working on to help kids code.

We talk multiple Database queries with Sargeant; Stevie’s curious about tracking site visitors with cookies; cosoa questions footer placement; and Sam shares their Flex experiment.

As always don’t forget to check out our weekly roundups for JavaScript (thanks Paul!), .NET (thanks cpradio!) and the Front End (thanks Ralph!).

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Smartphones have changed our lives in many ways. One has to admit that these phones allow us to do multitasking whenever we want to. But on the other hand, people are using these phones for gaming, networking, for listening to music, watching videos and thus they are developing a kind of addiction.

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