On Our Radar: Burnout, Picky Browsers and Is Sitting Deadly?

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Welcome to the latest edition of On Our Radar. I’m your new host, navigating the depths of our SitePoint Forums to bring you the latest and greatest discussions this week. There are some things web devs were never meant to know. For everything else, there’s the SitePoint forums.

On our radar:

Do you sometimes find yourself staring at the screen in frustration wanting nothing more than to slam your fist through it? While we hope your burnouts are never that extreme (think of the hard work that went into creating those monitors) we do have some tips to help you prevent burning out.

We’re on a bit of a health roll this week so we examined the hazards of sitting down (or standing up) for long periods of time. I love sitting down. I would sit down all day if I could, so all the health issues associated with it (organ damage! soft brain!) hit home.

If that’s not enough, Forums user Noppy takes us to the beach with a website re-design that’s sure to create serenity for new users. Join the discussion and learn more about mobile responsiveness, user experience and whether Google favours http or https (if you don’t click you’ll never know.)

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