Okay, I finally got started

Hello, everyone! Thank you for the advice and encouragement in my first most (the one about being a dinosaur). There is a long story about me thinking I am a dinosaur at 52. Well, now I am 53 and feel ready for a new career. So, I just started a test website at www.whitfieldconnect.com. I figure I will begin with something I know and that is my knowledge of the county in which live, Whitfield County, Georgia. If you get a chance, visit the site. It is not very impressive right now. Just three pages, a navigation section and a few connections to other sites. My blog is currently hosted at wordpress.com. There is a link to it on the website. Feel very free to view the source and critique the source and the appearance. Suggestions are definitely welcome. You can leave messages on my blog and/or post them here. BTW, I was playing around on my blog and ended up putting my name down as H P Journey (as in Html Plus Journey) It’s a tribute to my beginning this journey to web programming.


Great start, one step for @cmburford

May I suggest you investigate the following two free web-page test tools (there are many more) because there is a stray <p> which is not closed and may cause problems later.

HTML Validator

CSS Validator

Or even a FireFoxPlugin

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First of all, 53 is not over-the-hill. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Secondly, yes, that is a very humble start, but it is a first step. Hang around here lots and you will grow quickly. Lots of brilliant web people here.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

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