Oh no, not again

.INFO domain registrar just announced new $1.99/year promotion and we all know
that means another 10,000 directories are coming to spam Internet with vengeance.

On the bright side .MOBI domains available for only $2.99/year and .TV now only $12/year.



The main secret is: that is a price for the first year only. Next ear renewal price will be much higher. :wink:
However I do not think that will increase spam.

Exactly. Places that discount domains down to $1 even are tricking you by giving you a cheap price the first year but once renewal comes, it will cost $12.

I’d rather keep my current set up of $6.95 for a .com and save in the long run.

I never thought that they are going to overprice it after a year. If this is a scam, then its better to stay with my current domain price.

I also agree you. This is only a one year offer. After one year the revise price will be more than previous year.

That’s called Marketing…

To be honest I hardly find .info sites on my Google searches in the UK, but when I do I’m never tempted to click it. Unless it’s a .co.uk, .com, .org, or the xtension of a specific country, I’m not interested! But i’m old school!

What’s the status of .mobi domains because I would have thought that a website such as m.example.com is sufficient?

djraks, m.example.com is sufficient actually, it’s just the usual “trying to make a buck” thing that happens everywhere else.

You mean to say that people make web directories if the domain prices gets low ?