Offering data backup for clients!

We are thinking about moving our web design and development clients’ websites into an online storage to provide a little extra protection for a premium.
What do you think about using a white label online backup service for this? Are they generally safe and secure with the files. How good are the encryption of these backed up files?
If you suggest a white label solution, which companies provide best of them? I have been trying to find such services for a while now. A few companies who I tried contacting have responded to the emails. Among those white label solution provided by Storagepipe Solutions and Carbonite looks really good. What do you think of them? Any better suggestions are also welcome.

This is a really excellent idea, and a great way to expand your existing services, while adding some additional revenue to your business.

Most backup services offer many of the same features, when it comes to encryption and security.
And they all generally function in the same manner.

Where white label backup services really start to differentiate is with branding, licensing, pricing structure, storage costs, and most importantly support.

These are areas that will impact you the most in determining whether this is going to be sustainable and profitable.

WholesaleBackup provides 2 white label backup solutions and allows you to fully brand the backup client no extra fees, no co-branding. It is a USA based company and the support team is responsive and lives in the US.

You can get started on a free trial, it only takes a few minutes to setup.

Good luck!


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