Off Page Seo,-which technique are most effective ,result oriented & latest

Is there any body who would like to share their experiences about Off Page Seo .which technique are most effective ,result oriented & latest.

Most effective techniques are Good content marketing. Guest blogging comes in first no. and you can use info graphics . Create the best and unique content to the users.Try to help the users, do not focus the keywords in your content rather than focus your customers. Google will reward you.

Guest blogging
Sharing the content by Infographics
sharing your web 2.0 websites like hubpages, squido
share your article in ezinearticles as well
do not ignore SMO .This is your best part

For off page seo Social bookmarking, forum posting and guest post and article submission is the most effective, which brings your ranking up on search engine.

Forum posting will have no effect on search engine rankings. Most forums, such as this one, mark external links “nofollow”. Even where this is not the case, any link which you can easily place for yourself is regarded as all but worthless by the search engines. Forum posting for SEO purposes is more likely to get you banned from a forum than give you any benefit.

Seo techniques that tend to be the most effective to a certain campaign might not be that effective when its done to the other one. My point is if you are looking for a result-oriented off page methods, you should discover it yourself because there is no definite answer to your question.

I can give you suggestions such as guest posting, social media marketing and stuffs like that. But those are like channels. Not a direct strategy. So in order for you to have a result-oriented techniques that you can say are effective, an in-depth study should be made. And the right approach should be executed.

Quality guest posting/Article marketing is the most effect Off Page SEO technique to increase website traffic and ranking in the major search engines.

As we talking about the off page process… there’s a lot of them …like directories, guest blog posting, article and all that.
but if you want to get the best result you should think more about quality… if you building links by these process… it has to be on relevant sites with good quality content.

Social bookmarking, blog posting, blog commenting, article submission and directory submission on high quality and relevant sites can improve search engine ranking of your website. guest posting is also one of the best technique and very helpful for off page optimization.

Please read and answer the OP’s question:

So, in your experience, which technique have you found to be the most effective?

General replies and lists of off-page techniques will be removed as fluff.

That is not actually true. I have been doing a lot of analysis of sites that rank in my domain - web hosting comparison - where the top several pages of google are just filled with effectively spam - we have all seen top ten host lists.

Now I have a nice site - graphical comparison of just how much memory, cpu, bandwidth etc you can get across about fifteen suppliers including the SiteGrounds, SitePoints, MediaTemples etc of the hosting world. It’s a serious site. Now I can simply not get it to rank at all. No-one can find it to link to it. It simply gets no traffic at all.

The sites that do rank are generally low quality and when I dig into these sites backlinks I find things like 22,000 backlinks.

So what gives. And then I realize you can pay some team in India on fiverr something like $5 for 100 backlinks so 20,000 would set you back $1,000.

So the truth is that even if small - back-links do count and if you are prepared to build enough of them then you will outrank anyone. And it is a game of continually building more over time because your competitors are doing the same thing - so the backlink count goes up exponentially.

Massive link-building certainly worked in the past, but it isn’t a recommended way to proceed now. Google is becoming smarter at recognising unnatural links, and will penalise sites which it detects as violating its Webmaster Guidelines.

You need only read through some of the other threads on the forum here to discover that sites are indeed falling foul of the new algorithms.

For off page SEO you can build backlinks on social bookmarking websites and commenting o blogs. Im not sure is wise to guest post and submit articles on article directories bacuse with new updates google considers them spam and can penalize your website.

We already have multiple threads listing various SEO techniques and we don’t need this to turn into another.

The OP has specifically asked people to share their own experiences - which technique have you found most effective?

Aside from forum posting, blog commenting, article submission, directory submission etc. have you tried creating videos for posting? In the field of “Health” and the niches that will fall under it, video creation and even document sharing is very useful. I’ve tried this before but the problem is that I don’t have a good tool for creating videos :confused: but it is effective.