Object properties that are null

Is possible to loop through an object’s properties and find which ones are null without allot of if statements?

One could using reflection. But you probably want to handle this a different way. What are you trying to do?

object properties get populated from a database and some of are null.

I want to display the properties that aren’t null on my page without using a bunch if statements to see if they’re null / empty.

if not string.isnullorempty(prop.name) then
'some code
end if

if not string.isnullorempty(prop.name2) then
'some code
end if

is there an easier way?

In this context, I don’t see other way.

Can you use the Null Coalescing Assignment Operator (??).

edit - Oh, sorry. I’m thinking in C#.

Slightly easier might be to make a method that doesn’t output the row if things are null, would at least keep you out of a massive number of If/Then statements.


I’ll try that!

Depending on the circumstances it’s sometimes useful to sort this out in sql using the isnull method:-

select id, isnull(stringfield1, ‘’), isnull(intfield1, 0) … and so on.

Why not add a WHERE clause?
SELECT * FROM table WHERE field<>‘NULL’;

Because he doesn’t want to ignore the rows containing NULL values, only to handle the null fields