nyroModal Fixed Window


I’m using nyro Modal jquery to produce lightboxes in my website. Each page will have different amount of text, but I’d like each box to be the same size; by default the lightboxes increase in size. After looking at the code and documentation, I thought that I could just change the size information (found in jquery.nyroModal.custom.js) as so:

{	// Size information
				initW: 300,	// Initial width
				initH: 300,	// Initial height
				w: 300,		// width
				h: 300,		// height
				minW: 300,	// minimum Width
				minH: 300,	// minimum height
				wMargin: undefined,	// Horizontal margin
				hMargin: undefined	// Vertical margin

If anyone has had experience with nyroModal and knows how to create fixed size boxes, I’d appreciate some help.

Thank you,