numThumbs not working Gallerific

i have an image gallery using gallerific

the .js file (/js/jquery.gallerificz.js) includes a line that says

"var defaults = {
delay: 3000,
numThumbs: 15,
preloadAhead: 20, // Set to -1 to preload all images
enableTopPager: true,


the numThumbs is supposed to dictate how many thumbs show on page …for some reason this is not working …it shows 10 per page(there are more than 10 images in the gallery) no matter if i put in 1 or 100.

ANy thoughts?


At the bottom of the page there’s an on-page script that includes this:

// Initialize Advanced Galleriffic Gallery
	var gallery = $('#thumbs').galleriffic({
	delay: 0,
	[COLOR="#FF0000"]numThumbs: 10[/COLOR],

Thank you.