Not sure I'm ready to teach HTML5 and CSS

I was asked to give a 10 minute presentation on HTML 5 and CSS as a college’s continuing Ed. I have been using HTML for years. I have used CSS but I am not sure I am qualified to teach it. Is this a case of “when in doubt don’t?”

There seems to me to be a world of difference between teaching and a ten-minute presentation.

You can’t cover the entire subject in ten minutes. By the time you’ve given a brief overview of the differences between HTML5 and earlier versions, and explained the use of CSS, you won’t have time for more than a couple of examples of things you feel confident about.



A speaker, no matter what the subject, needs to have confidence in him/herself.

That being said, 10 minutes is not a lot of time to fill, even if your presentational style is straightforward and academic. and keep in mind that no one knows everything ( even if you did/or if you acted like you did it welcome off as being conceited … which is not something you want). If you do choose to take up this invitation, merely share what you have learned in your years of experience with CSS and HTML. Maybe give an example of a useful technique you have learned or a pitfall to avoid (we all have plenty of those).

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Even if you are an “intermediate” and not an “expert” you can still help “newbies”.

A lot will depend on the audience.

As others have said, ten minutes is not a lot of time. I have a feeling that at best you will only be able to give a brief overview (with maybe a simple example or two) and there will be a lot of “assumed prerequisites” and “outside the scope of” if you hope to have any chance to give a presentation within a ten minute window

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I gave into my internal pressure and canceled the interview. Perhaps after some more video tutorials on SitePoint Premium I will have the confidence to teach. I did teach Flash to some librarians a few years ago and I enjoyed it every much. I probably could have taught this too. More confidence… that’s what I need. lol

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Update: I am starting a new job as an E-Learning manager. However, this job is another position not the one I previously posted about.

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