Not possible to post a POLL on my SmartPhone?

I wanted to post a poll in one of my threads but there is no “hamburger” icon even when I scroll down, leading me to believe it is not available for SmartPhones. Is this true?

Click on the cog, then in the drop-down that appears click on ‘Build Poll’.

  • That works on a smartphone.
  • That does not work on a smartphone
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Yes I did that Archibald but it only prompts a Summary (something). There are no options that display only this Summary text. There are no fields for example, nothing. :shifty: Edit — I clicked Build Poll, was I supposed to click something else?

There should be a “Add Option” button under the first field… there is on my smartphone, anyway…

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Hi everyone, yes I finally got it to display fields. The poll is UP!

You had clicked on “Hide Details”.

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I don’t have any memory of (ever) clicking anything with the word ‘Hide’ in it (particularly when I’m there to show options not hide them) however I am on a SmartPhone, and by definition it is the most volatile environment to type in, and that includes selecting (tapping) menu items so your point is well taken Archibald. May I ask where this feature is located so I can be mindful of it? EDIT — ah there it is. Thank you Archibald. It’s sitting right on top of Build Poll!