Not Just for Search Engines – Optimizing Better for Users

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The work of an SEO agency mostly revolves on getting results that will make clients happy. Keyword research, website optimization, link building, and content development – all these go into an SEO strategy to help a client’s website get to coveted positions on search results. It doesn’t stop there, though. Reliable white label SEO services such as those offered by don’t only look at the technical aspects of optimizing a website. They make sound SEO strategies that serve the needs of the website’s audience. Users should be able to immediately find the information they’re looking for on the site. Otherwise, the website doesn’t serve its purpose well. When optimizing a website for a business, you’re not just chasing rankings and getting search engines to put that site on the first page—you’re also focusing on search users that your clients want to target. First Things First – Think of the Conversion Funnel Start with picturing where your client’s audience is in the conversion funnel. If you know how users respond to your marketing efforts, it becomes easier to guide them through their customer journey and drive them down the conversion funnel. How do you apply this in SEO? Simple – through keywords. The keywords you use shape the conversion funnel. Some marketers tend to choose keywords relevant to the brand they’re promoting. This gives them a list of keywords that search engines can recognize and associate with a brand. While this helps in establishing a brand’s presence, the keyword list leaves out potential terms that target…

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