Not able to see all my followers in Twitter

Hi there
I joined Twitter not to long ago, currently I have two followers but when I check my list of followers, I can see only one follower.
The other follower is not be seen. I don’t understand what’s the problem.
Can anyone please help me?


Probably one of the two un-followed you and twitter hasn’t updated their cache yet to reflect the changes.

Thanks for replying.

There’s also a chance that the account that followed you doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve had the same case before. I was really amazed that the follower count went up a notch then suddenly goes down. Have you checked the your account “activities” to see who followed you at a certain time?

What said in the above thread is exactly right. In Twitter the user can easily follow you and then later they can un follow you. So only you are not able to see one of the follower. Try to post always some useful tweets. Twitter is so much important for business.

That’s weird! Did you got to know what exactly happened?

Hey Regenesis,
Yes I did. one of the followers unfollowed me.

How is it now? Is this issue fixed?

Quite Possible, that the particular person blocked you, which mean that you can see the tweets of that particular person but he/she won’t show up in your twitter follower list.

Okay great.:slight_smile:

Question answered. Thread closed.