Node js beginner>expert booK recommendation


I have read PHP novice to ninja and just loved the way he made a full framework and led the reader step by step to do this.

I am wondering if anyone could recommend a similar book for node? Taking you from a beginner right through to a usable high intermediate framework leaves with node.js

… thanks!


If videos are your thing, I would really recommend Learn Node, by Wes Bos.

We also have a bunch of Node content on SitePoint Premium that you might like to check out.

One word of warning — the JavaScript ecosystem moves very fast. Before following along with a course/book, make sure it is up-to-date, as otherwise you will have a very frustrating time dealing with deprecations, version mismatches and so on.

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I love having a decent book, but I think in this case video tutorials are the way to go.

I am currently about a 100 videos in to a course with Maximilian Schwarzmüller on Udemy, and it’s excellent.

As James has pointed out the node environment is constantly evolving and tutorials quickly become out of date. In that regards having support from a teaching assistant as well as other course members is very useful.

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Agreed. Purchasing the Wes Bos course gives you access to a Slack channel where you can chat with your fellow students.

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It looks good James

I agree. Books can have limited knowledge at times and they also don’t evolve with time. Videos are better option when it comes to learning programming and technology as you have a teacher to guide you constantly. And, yes, Udemy is a reliable source for this.