No Page Loading Response When Javascript to Iframe

Here’s my question. I have a lot of javascript functions that request information from an iframe hidden on the page. I see other sites do this, but their browser does not do the loading action (like the processing circle in Firefox). When I do it on my site, each browser shows the loading icon, as if a page was loading. Is it possible to not have this?

That is a sample link. Go down right side of page where you see three buttons: Trailers Featurettes Clips

Those return iframe information to work.


got a link to a page that has the behavior you desire?

I’ll go on a search, but now I’m thinking AJAX is the solution to what I’m trying to do.

Let me see if I can find a sample link.


ajax would definitely get rid of the browsers “loading” indicator, but I’m curious how they used an iframe without triggering the indicator.


I was naive and assumed an iframe was the only possible way to make requests without reloading the entire page.

I came upon ajax when I was looking into more solutions. So that’s probably what the example I saw was using.

Now I just need to see if I can make it work.