No editing skills but I want to add a few calls-to-action to the end of a promo video

The video ends with a black screen and a quote. Ideally I would like to add to the length of the video and have one or two frames of written messages along the lines of “Free Next Day Delivery”, " Add to Basket and experience the… ", that sort of thing, but I’ve no idea how to go about it. I have at least a thousand video views per month and more than 80% are getting to the end of the video, so that’s 800 people I could be engaging with a call to action.

Ideas for calls-to-action also be welcome, but what I definitely can’t do at the moment is edit the video. I need some free or cheap software and a reasonably straightforward way to do this. I’d be grateful for any suggestion, thanks.

How do you currently embed your video? What format is it in?

I use a streaming service called Bit On The Run, and it’s mp4. Thanks

Well I see in that you can use the player to play several videos one after the other (playlist) so what you can do is have your call to action as another mp4 file and in your player instead of saying to play just one video you tell it to play both videos. So the call to action will be loaded and played after the promo video.

There are free movie editing tools like iMovie for the Mac. It would be easy to import a video into iMovie and add a bit to the end. I have no doubt there are many PC equivalents.

JamesColin’s suggestion is probably your simplest option. The player also has a completion event that you can use to trigger e.g a javascript function to display a message or image.

As the file is an mp4, which is probably already heavily compressed, if you edit the clip you will need to recompress which will result in another generation of quality loss, which is best avoided.

If you’re on Windows, the new Movie Maker from Microsoft is quite good and it’s free. Unfortunately the new Microsoft website is a mess and can’t find the download link at the moment.

A video sharing platform should do the trick. This type of cloud based software would allow you to add a CTA after the viewer has finished streaming the video to encourage them to perform another task.

I like the suggestions as you all shared here especially the people who told their own experience with right suggestion. We can learn a lot for the video sharing i am here for asking how can i make a standard video and what good channels should i need to adopt if i want to promote it? Need your good suggestion.