No clue

I have suddenly run into a road block with something I have done a million times. When I use the following I wind up with a line break after the (before first link). I have looked at it a million times and need to give a break. Hope someone can tell me what stupid thing I’ve done.

<p><i>Robbie Morin, my good friend from Houston, sent along a recent video about the <a href=“”> Lost My Stuff Group </a>, and just perhaps the folks in
Carthage should watch it. A great example of what we are about, and why we shouldn’t be treated like second class citizens.
Please watch <a href=“”> THIS </a> and pass along…I love this group.</i></p>


Where is that?

“sent along a recent video about the”

I have a line break happening after “the” and before the link, and I cannot understand why?

There’s nothing in the code you’ve posted that would cause a line break. Can you provide a URL to the page or post the HTML and CSS (preferably with syntax highlighting)?

Yeah, we’d need to see the full page code. Sounds something like the <a> is set to display: block or something, though there’d be a gap after it too.

I would like to offer the full code, but last time I was criticized for it being so poorly done. Being an amateur I was pretty demoralized. I have learned a lot from you folks, and you have help me out time after time. I started my website based on six weeks of adult ed at a local community college. It was fun and still is, but I do not have the money to continue classes. I am 70 years old and live on a pretty limited income.

I still try to understand new things but find it difficult. I will work through this one, and let you know what my problem was. Thanks.

Barnum, don’t hesitate to post links to your work here. We have a few folks who get a little snarky and overheated in their critiquing of others’ work (I’ve been guilty of it!), but overall the community here is very committed to helping others learn and fix problems. If someone zings you, zing em right back :slight_smile: . The mods keep order when it’s needed, and personal insults and such are not tolerated. There’s nothing hurtful about well-meaning critiquing, and as long as it’s provided in a respectful manner, it should be taken in the spirit in which it (should be) intended – to help you produce a better site that works for you and the people who use it.

If you ask that only this or that element of your site be taken under review, people should respect that request.

Rather than “zing them back”, I would suggest you make use of the orange flag (report a post) if someone gets too heavy handed for you. That button will bring the specific problem to the attention of all moderators and you will get the help and support you need.

Other than that, I agree with what Black Max has said above. Nobody should need to be afraid to post in these forums. We are here to help you build a better website and as a result, contribute to creating a better WWW for everyone. If this were a forum for “experts only” it probably wouldn’t exist at all.

Is this a static page or are you using a CMS? Sometimes, a CMS will make that happen if you have it set to use visual as well as html. If you can, please post a link to your page source and your css file as your browser shows it. There may be something there that will help us see the problem.

If you have a problem with certain individuals block them.

my guess is that you have a rule that follows this pattern IN YOUR CSS: a{ display:block;}.
you probably DONT want to get rid of that specifically, as in other places in your site you might actually WANT the effect you describe . what you want to do is code an exception to this rule …

As a rough suggestion: .someClass p a{ display:inline;}.

Again this is just a pattern, not a specific solution, but it should guid you as to what to look for.