Nivo Slider: Fullscreen

Hi All,

First Off - Love the site - has helped me out with loads over the years.

Todays problem if you can help me is: Nivo Slider = Fullscreen? Is it possible?

To go into more detail, I want it to perform very much like The Giles Revell site ie: the image stretches to fill the full browser, and resizes pleasingly well when the browser is dragged smaller etc. I have tried everything I can and cannot get it to work.

This includes going down another path, with Supersize 2 ( however the fade transitions are really laggy at fullscreen (aim is to have it work well at 1920 x 1200, which Nivo slider seems to handle better)

Any thoughts / code snippets would be really appreciated!!

Kind Regards,

I don’t find that, but it could be because of the size of your images. You can also tweak the transition speed with Supersized. Speeding it up might help the transitions.

Of course, you could “borrow” (or get permission to use) the code from the gilesrevel site and adapt it to your need, but I think you should stick with Supersized and just tweak it to suit your need.

Many thanks for getting back Ralph. I did a few tests with different sized images (weight and dimensions) both of these at fullscreen (1920 x 1200) still produced laggy results for me, whereas Nivo Slider always stayed super slick.

I dont suppose anyone else has a method to get this to work!? Failing this - I suppose Ill stick with supersized…for now.

I may even drop the makers of Nivo a note as a request for a future version.


Nivo doesn’t look like it’s designed for full screen viewing. That’s the problem with out of the box scripts. Unless you know how they work, they are hard to adapt.

Nivo does have a forum, in case it’s of use.
I searched for full screen posts, but didn’t find any.

Thanks for this Ralph. You are completly right - Supersized will be my way forward for now.

Im going to post this on the forum you kindly provided. Il post a link to the site im working on when its done in its full glory :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

I look forward to seeing how it turns out! :slight_smile:

Have you tested Supersized in a range of browsers? each browser gives a different performance. From memory, I think you can adjust the transition speeds. Speeding it up a bit might overcome the laggy effects you are describing.