Niche Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin are major social networks that we talk about every single day.

I came across this blog post ( the other day and it got me to think about whether there are more niche social networks that I have not come across.

Here are the social networks mentioned in the blog post:

  • Quora
  • Care2 - Social network for eco-friendly users
  • Gentlemint - Pinterest for men
  • CafeMom - Social network for mums
  • - Social network for seniors
  • Athlinks - Social network for athletes

Do you know any active niche social networks? Share them below.

great share. I hope I could find a social network for people who are into graphics, printing, and the like. I wonder how and where I’d find them.

Have you looked at Pinterest, Deviant Art, Tumbler, Photo Bucket?

Dribble, Behance…

A few other big ones:

  • Etsy
  • Flickr
  • The StackExchange network

Oh yeah, the StackExchange network is definitely a huge one for niche communities. They have sites for mathematicians, statisticians, user experience experts, science fiction enthusiasts and many more.

I’ve also found BizSugar which is a social news site for small business owners. They have some prominent small business experts participating on the site too!

I do have an account in pinterest and tumbler, and I do know photobucket. But I haven’t really thought about that. Thank you!

Hi! I have this research on small businesses and my resource has always been linkedin. Now, I think I can add BizSugar. I have checked the site and you can somehow see some relevant data on the profile page. Thank you!

I guess Picasa of Google must be included here also.

stocktwits is a investing niche social network.

Wikipedia also has a pretty good list of social networks.

Thank you for this information - am actually looking for high authority bookmarking sites and the result give me this one! Well thanks - I realized in order to boost sites real traffic we need to promote our blog or site to a niche social networks… anyway, am talking about making money programs online, I am still trying to look for more specific networks for it :slight_smile:

This is the content area of SitePoint Forums. If you want to talk about marketing (making money online) please either join a discussion in Internet Marketing or ask your question there.

Thank you so much… So far, I learned few things on the forum! I love it :slight_smile:

thank you, but whether from the site above gives a good backlinks to our blog ?

Why would backlinks be your first goal for a social presence? Backlinks contribute to rankings which contribute to visibility while social is already visible and even better than that, engagement focused… skip the two steps and use what the medium does best: communicate.

Please take the time to read my post #13. Any further posts in this thread about SEO will be deleted.

I honestly never knew these sites before! but thank you for sharing it. I also have some blog posting sites to share with:

·En.Netlog Blog
·Kaboodle - like Pinterest

What is your experience in using these sites? Posting a list with no explanation is counter productive to discussion as it can be just as easy to recommend a search engine search.

In that case, evernote is not a social network. It is am open-source note taking application. I know because I have used it. And THAT is the reason I commented on your first post. So, I emphasize, making recommendations when you are unfamiliar with the result is counter-productive.

[edit] as a final note, this doesn’t just apply to xkidwell’s post. If you have experience with a social network not listed in this thread or experience you would like to share with one that is listed, please do post that experience here. The reason is that long lists in threads generally become repetitive and do not lead to discussion. Everyone has their favorites, but unless you are willing to explain what draws you to something, it is little help to the next person.

@xkidwell ; Sorry if you felt singled out on this. [/edit]