Nexus 5 is the best low budgeted and most powerful smart phone

it is my dream phone. budget is low so done for me.

Why is it your dream phone? What are its features? I get overwhelmed by the number of phones around and wouldn’t have a clue where to start choosing one. Thankfully, I’m a blinkered Apple user, so I don’t have to choose (well, not really).

its rarely available in india and as per the reviews online it seems to be great

  • A Smart Phone with high speed processing power/RAM/GPU for multitasking , gaming etc.
  • Huge custom ROM support and Customization facility
  • Small size but BIG screen with great resolution

and NEXUS 5 (2.3ghz quadcore krait, adreno 330 gpu,2gb ram,1080p screen in 4.95" still small size,wide range of connectivity) has got them all in the lowest price in the history = 350$, a big amount for me but affordable for this great phone

It will be available soon as the famous Google play store is coming to India.

Sounds good, kamrulbony2013. Thanks for the details. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Bro

the phone is looking good but no batteryback

well i can define the battery GOOD but not the best or better. After all its a $350 phone with last software & hardware modifications.:cool: