nextFrame and stop onRelease

This should be the easiest thing in the world - but cs3 has changed the way this is done and i’m confused :frowning:

I have stop(); on every frame and when you click an invisible button I want it to go to the next frame. that’s it.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Are you using AS2 or AS3?

AS2(if you want the actions to be on the first frame of the timeline where the ‘myButton’ clip/button exists)

myButton.onRelease = function() {

AS2(if you want to place the actions directly on the button)

on (release) {

AS3(i think)


myButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, btnListener);

function btnListener ($event:MouseEvent) {

Hope it helps. This is all untested and I am not totally sure on teh AS3 example.

Thanks, It does help.

AS3 is what was really killing me. I’ve created another flash file in AS2 and you can assign actions to buttons and everything.

In AS3 as well you can assign actions to buttons and everything too (except graphic symbols which is the same in AS 2 as well).

Well, when I create a AS3 flash file - select a button and open the actions window I get the message ‘Current selection cannot have actions applied to it’. I know it’s possible but the method is quite different.