[Newsletter] How strict are you?

PHP 7. It’s been out for a while now, and I’m genuinely curious about usage adoption. Not experiments or playground apps, but actual packages and apps that use PHP 7 in production, or require it to be installed. In fact, I asked about this on Twitter and, within minutes, got several replies. Aside from this interesting Request/Response modifier library, Marco Pivetta said he’s moving all his Ocramius-namespaced stuff to PHP 7, @freekmurze told us about three of his packages, and Cees-Jan Kiewiet is also giving it a go - and that’s just among my close contacts.

But that’s just PHP 7 - how many people actually use full strict mode in their code? Again, Marco Pivetta is leading the charge and jumping straight into strictness, but I’d love to hear from you - are you stricting it up yet? If not, why? Would you like tutorials on how to do this? Do you know any packages that are going strict? Let us know!

In other news, our reader satisfaction survey is finished (kind of) and we’ve posted the results, along with our plans for improving the channel. Do chime in if you have any additional improvement suggestions!

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