Newsletter form above footer or in footer?

Hi there,

I am wanting to add a newsletter signup to all pages of my website and wondering where the best position would be.

I’m thinking of either having it as a full width block with centered text and input field above the footer and then another block under that for the footer, or I am thinking of having the newsletter inside the footer (with 4-5 columns) maybe on the right hand side.

What does everyone think about where the newsletter should be placed? Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Well it depends on what the main call to action you want for your site to be. Is your main goal to build a newsletter list? If so, give it a dedicated spot above the footer. If it would be a “nice to have” feature for your visitors (eg. They are there to learn about a new game, not necessarily jump on a newsletter about it) then put it in the footer and make it discreet.

Most of the time I find just putting it in the footer is fine enough because most people visit a site for some other reason than to just get on a newsletter. However, some may see the newsletter after the fact and think “why not”.


Thanks for the reply. Yes that makes sense putting it in the footer. I think I will do that as my main aim is to get users and businesses to register on my website.

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