Newsletter for android phones

Hi all

I have started a previous thread on this topic, which might have died off…?!

I am having issues with android phones. I cannot get my newsletter to display properly on android phones, despite having used the @media queries.

Any ideas?


It didn’t die off, you got an answer and thanked for it. I merged the threads.[/ot]


If you read my threads carefully, you will notice that the issues are slightly different.
The first thread was about @media queries generally, this second thread is android phones specific- the android phones issue wasn’t covered and ralph.m assisted with the placement and treatment of the @media query.
what I meant by “died off” is that I haven’t had any more responses or attempts to assist, so I have started a new thread specific to android phones, which is a huge issue.

Can you please undo the merging of the threads?

Off Topic:

Of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks Guido! :heart_smiley: