Newbie building a site

Hello, I am a newbie on making site this is my first serious project and website. I have built it with little help of course… but maybe you guys here who are professionals can give me some tips on how to make it faster, what tools to use for SEO, and maybe there is some site or forum where I can see new trends in e-commerce platforms?

hope on some structural verdict :slight_smile:

Well this is a big ask. As a starter :-
Speed will depend on how you are constructing the page, size of images, coding used, any database access or coding.
If you are using common files such as bootstrap, jquery etc look at loading via a CDN
If you are using javascript, where you place the code/links can affect speed
For SEO on Wordpress sites there are plugins, I like Yoast but lately prefer Rankmath
There are multiple plugins for SEO for Firefox / Google - just Google them
Look at using Google Search Console and Google Analytics
Check what Google sees as your Canonical link
Avoid duplicate content
Format your pages intelligently
Provide a sitemap
Provide a sensible robots.txt file
Develop genuine backlinks
Link to social media
Ecommerce solutions don’t just depend on trends but what works for you - Paypal can be a very simple solution

The list is endless but the above may be some ideas to get you started, the more you try, the more you explore the more you will learn

Use graphic images that are the size and resolution you want on the screen. If you are reducing the on-screen size, you are wasting bandwidth.

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