New Calypso Interface - Should Aspiring WP Devs Learn PHP or JavaScript?

Hi… Today I got the news that is totally changing its core programming languages. PHP and mySQL will not be used anymore.
Can you tell me on what skillsets/programming languages i should work ?
Will PHP based wordpress will remain functional ?
or we have to work on new things?
I am new to wordpress development so was thinking i should learn PHP or Angular/React etc javascript framework.

Looking for a response

Hey there @Guppuboss

WordPress is actually two separate entities. One being which offers hosted blog sites that get set up for you and the second being which is the WordPress CMS platform.

Are you learning how to develop themes and plugins for or for the WordPress CMS?

The WordPress CMS is coming up to version 4.4 and has no plans on changing its PHP and MySQL roots. It could very well just be a thing (as basically the bulk of their service is in providing free sites for people) .



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The new Wordpress project is an interface for administration.

See the developer page here:

The way I understand it, the future of Calypso is uncertain, but it might some day replace the wp-admin functionality found in [] Wordpress CMS based sites.

However, no one has said that Wordpress CMS is shifting away from PHP - that is not true, unless I missed some big announcement. This is an administration tool, a new face for the backend of, and possibly in the future the self-hosted CMS as well.

That said, what it looks like is that to play nicely with it, Wordpress developers will begin needing to focus learning on JavaScript based technologies like Node and React in addition to knowing PHP/MySQL.

Edit: I updated your topic’s title for clarity.


I know about both WordPress Entities. I am learning for WordPress CMS and thanks for clarifying my doubts. Could it be possible that in near future WordPress CMS also transfer to Javascript tech? and don’t they both share the same source code?

Thanks for your Reply and changing the Title. My english is little poor :pensive:

Extremely doubtful. A huge part of what makes Wordpress powerful, is the number of plugins and extra features that you have available to you, developed over years by thousands of developers around the world. If they switch from PHP to Node.js, 99% of these will no longer work.

At best, I could see them making Node.js CMS that’s separate from main WordPress. That would be pretty cool. But. it looks like they are just doing some experimenting now.

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