New to Zend Framework - create project error

Hey there,

I’m new to Zend framework and I’m just getting started on the quickstart guide (see here). When I execute this command:

zf create project quickstart

it sits for a minute and then outputs this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Console_Manifest
in C:\xampp\zendframework\library\Zend\Tool\Framework\Client\Console\
p on line 61

I’ve searched google and can’t find any references to this error in English. Anybody have any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

Edit: Using the latest Zend Framework 1.10.6

Someone has replay to a similar question on ZF Forums: Sounds like you already have a class named Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Console_Manifest. Could you do a search on that class name in your directories source code?