New to Wordpress (and trying to get the hang of it)


I’m venturing into the world of blogging for one of my web clients. When I try to style through CSS, I’m getting huge gaps on the various pages. And when I try to get into the forums to ask about this, I’m getting password issues (and can’t seem to resolve those either).

You folks have been very helpful in the past, and you know your stuff, so could you take a look at this and tell me what I may be doing wrong:

Big thanks in advance!


Hi again,

I’m trying to start a new blog:

However I’ve been getting these “gaps” when I try to style the page. When I go into “editor” and then “stylesheet.css” I put the color just about everywhere that requires a background color and I still keep getting the gaps.

I also tried to get into the Wordpress forums to ask about this, put in the password they gave me, and I still can’t get in. I’m scratching my head at this point trying to figure out what to do next.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

Thanks, Guido,

I was able to fix the one gap between the sidebar and the footer. Now I’m trying to get the handle on the other one.

Keep the feedback coming!


One ‘gap’ is the difference in height between the content div and the sidebar div. Change the background of the page div to match the color you want and the gap will disappear.

Another ‘gap’ is between the page div and the footer div, and is caused by the margin-bottom of the li tag in the sidebar (the one that contains the ‘meta’ data).

I used Firefox with the Firebug plugin to check out your site :wink: