New to Symfony framework


I’m a php developer
and I want to start working on Symfony PHP framwork
I understad from it’s site that symfony has 2 diffrent versins.

symfony 1.4 stable with lots of documents and sample projects, active communite
but it’s heavy for little projects!

and Symfony2 with light structre and stronger than 1.4, beeter performance and…
but it has less documents, sample projects and active users

Which versions is better to work and learn for me?

Symfony 2

btw… the documentation is excellent, if you read and go through tutorials you shouldn’t have a problem using the system for your own projects.

Also, you will need to read the doctrine 2.1 and [url=]Twig documentation to get a full understanding of data access layer and template engine. First though I recommend reading the Symfony 2 docs but those docs only slightly touch on the doctrine and twig, just enough to understand their role in the system.

thanks for the reply but I didn’t find simple and quick sample project for work almost all them is incomplete like:
just has 4 lessons to do : 1,2,3,12!!

What can I do?
going to work on symfony 1.4? or ?

Learn S2 for sure. It come with a sample app to dissect. And systematically read through the documentation.

The documentation is right here. Its not a quick “tutorial” read by any means. Go through two or three chapters a day and within a weeks time you should be able to start building your own stuff.