New To Javascript Objects/prototypes

I’m trying to make something small and simple:

function Monster(rank) {
  this.rank = rank; = 100;

Monster.prototype.takeHit = function() {;

how do I make the monster take a hit and show in the console log?

Monster.takeHit; //???

console.log(health); //???

You need instantiate it and call the function with ().

const monster = new Monster(1)
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but when I try to have it take another hit, it gives me another error in the console log:
VM84:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier ‘monster’ has already been declared
at :1:1

why? Does it need to refresh somehow?

You only need to instantiate each monster once. You can just call the takeHit function afterwards.

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thanks for helping a newb whose strugglin!

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