New to CSS3 and I've got menu abormalities! "on hover" not consistant


I have only recently started experimenting with HTML5 and CSS3. I am obviously missing something (in my CSS perhaps?) because my “on-hover” colour change only works up until the point I actually put an address on the text, turning it into an active link.

For example: go to this current work in progress and you will notice the first three menu items are clickable but don’t go orange on-hover. In contrast, the blog and contact links which don’t have addresses input yet do go orange on hover. :confused:

The same thing is happening with this site: (the links are supposed to be white, but as soon as you have clicked on them, they stay grey).

I haven’t encountered this before, but I obviously need to tighten up my code somewhere - any ideas where?


On both sites, your anchors are listed in the wrong order in css. Should be:

The .orange anchors on the ginger site are in the correct order, and seem(ed) to be working.

Unrelated: in the src url’s, the “&” should be written as a complete entity sequence such as “&” The validator will flag those for you.

Ah! So simple :slight_smile: Thank you so much!