New TLD's coming soon is coming up with a set of amazing new TLD’s very soon

TLD’s like .image , .hosting , .web , .city .host , .chat , .store , .baby and many more…

Do you think any of them would be able to replace the .COM or .NET I do not think but they would have some growth in a specific industry IMO…like every city would have their own websites like , etc…

Im really impatient to get my hands on few of them as soon as the launch!! :wink:

I’m sure I’ve seen people using some already. Personally, I have no interest in them, though. I assume they will be expensive, and I doubt they will ever trump .com and the like.

We haven’t seen a huge explosion of people using .biz, .info, .me or any of the other more recent TLDs, so I don’t see why it would be any different next time round. Sure, there are some people using them, but compared with .com and country-specific TLDs they are very much in a minority.

.me is a country specific TLD - it belongs to Montenegro.

.com is going to rule for many more years to come.I dont think any new or old domain is going to make any change

So is .tv, but that one seems to have been used quite a bit. It appears to be a nice source of revenue for small states that could use some revenue and that have plenty of names to spare. There are some others like this, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

With Tuvala I remember reading about that the island is actually sinking and so may not exist in a few years time. Presumably if they disappear then they will no longer be entitled to a top level domain for their drowned country and .tv will be cancelled.

As for others - .fm from Federation of Micronesia, .tk from Tokelau, .cc from Cocos/Keeling Islands and .cx from Christmas Island are ones that get a lot of use by people outside of the country and who therefore are reliant on that country not deciding to repurpose their TLD at some point.


Yes, a grim prospect indeed, although technically it will still exist … just under the water. :shifty: Perhaps that might open the gates for other TLDs, based on places like Atlantis … although .al and .atl are taken already.[/ot]


:smiley: :tup:[/ot]

Unlikely. There’s a whole process to go through yet for these TLDs and the definition of “soon” may vary. There will be a lot of hosters claiming to pre-book domains in these proposed new gTLDs but the reality is that the most of the high value keyword domains will not be available to the general public and may be held back for auction by the official new gTLD registry. The best place to check would be:


And we’ve already seen suggestions that some of these countries are starting to take advantage of this and charging hundreds or thousands of pounds/dollars to renew existing domains … mis-using TLDs in this way can be a dangerous strategy if it suddenly ends up costing you thousands just to renew your domain.