New site for beginers

Dear friends, I am an Ayurveda student at the most reputed institute of india and my father is an ayurvedic doctor, i want to start a website about the remedies which are according to the ayurveda and the medicines are easy to prepare at home using herbs and spices present in the kitchen, kindly help me about that and please give me an idea about the earnings which i shall be able to make by giving one and half hour to the site on daily basis!

before you think about how much money you will be making:
1- think about how to design and add contents to the website
2- how to market your website

there is noway we can tell you how much money you can make without seeing the site and knowing how much visitors you have.

good luck with your project!

friend, i know to design a website, and contents, its what i do & watch at my home!

can you market the site

i think in the 1st step you will find your target market then go for SEO strcuture then Go for Design of your, after that think about money



Since you are just beginning off, please consider the following.

  1. Will you be able to expend time on marketing and popularising the website to attract visitors and people towards it? Do you have the skills required for it?

  2. You need an eye catching yet relevant design to keep people on the website once they have come to it. Can you do this?

  3. Would you be able to write the relevant contents and that too in a way which would help boost your rankings on the search engines?

  4. Would you be able to devote time on an everyday basis or atleast as regularly as possible so as to keep the site alive for years to come?

Think of all this. Then comes the money part of it. How much would you be able to invest in the website, its making, its publicity and marketing?

Once you have been able to derive answers for all of this, your website has been done and ready to go live, you would be able to think of ‘making money’
from it.

Not trying to discourage you at all, just trying to put forth the things you would have to take into measure. Best of luck!

very first thing you should focus on is creating a useful site, once you have a site ready than you have many options to earn revenue from it