New Project, can anyone offer advice

I have started on a project recently that require more knowledge than I have. Firstly let me state that I am not looking for someone to do the work for me but rather offer advice and help me where needed.

Ok without talking too much about what the project is I will explain what I have so far and where I need to end up.

Just you understand my knowledge I have pretty average skills at css html java. In the past I have mainly worked on templates and skinning sites. I have some basic knowledge of php and mysql, but not enough for the required project.

The project is a kind of a CMS but with a twist. So far I have designed 90% of the pages in photoshop. I have also designed the forms so I know basically what information is required for my database. Element however could change.

The purpose of the project is for my own use, but I wouldn’t mind being able to package it up and make it open source.

What I require is a back and frontend. ( I have looked at other cms and none of them have the functionality that I require. ) The Information on the site will be mainly create by the users, kind of like a forum, however user when they sign up will have different privileges depending on their group ( 4 including admin )

OK so where would you start?
I assume with the login and reg page?

Hi damianp429,

You did not stated your requirements clearly, which you think cannot be done in the CMS available over the net.

however user when they sign up will have different privileges depending on their group ( 4 including admin )

I guess this can be easily done by any CMS application even WP can do that.

May be you can be more specific about your requirements, so that some one drop in and enlighten the requirements with his/her knowledge.

sry not to be clear, I want to get some of the site done first because no-one in my industry has ever created a site like this. Let me explain what I need with my login page &register page. Frontend 3 user groups, all will have to sign up. Backend admin only. Admin will be able to perform tasks like any cms. Front end groups will have limited tasks some that all can do but most that are specific to their group. So for instance Group 1 can create posts but Group 2 can reply to post and Group 3 can only see the post and replies. By the that not the functions I want but the idea. So really my question is was I am create my login page which is pretty standard. User name, Password Submit button and my register page which is also pretty standard. However I will have drop down titled something like “What are you ?” with the options group1 group2 group 3. Is that enough to start defining groups?

All that you mention can be easily written in PHP. All the open source forum software that I am familiar with has permission levels, though not fine-grained as you mention. You might be able to write a plugin or even just use an existing forum (such as Simple Machines) to write your own.

You can use any open source forum for this and set different usergroups scripts such as phpBB3, simple machine forum will give options for this.

For more paid forums you can use Vbullentin.