New line error using javascript in a sharepoint cewp content editor web part

I am having trouble adding a new line using javascript reference in SharePOint 2010 CEWP Content editor web part in IE8. The code below works until i try to add the new line.Has anyone had success with using the newline command in CEWPs? Where exactly do they go and how are they written? thanks dave (newbie):eek:

I have tried the following on their own lines and in a line of code


and also the html equivalents


var formLink2 = (location.href);

var re2 = new RegExp(“.*RootFolder=”);

var re1 = new RegExp(“&GroupString.*TRUE”);

var myRelatives = formLink2.replace(re2, “”);

var myRelatives2 = myRelatives.replace(re1, “”);


var infoPathForm = "REDACTED\/_layouts\/FormServer\.aspx\?



document.write(‘Conflict of Interest Form’.link(infoPathForm)) ;

// here is where I would like the break.


the last browser where document.write served any purpose was Netscape 4.

use innerHTML or the proper JavaScript DOM to output the content instead.

When outputting to HTML a line break is created either using <br> if you use innerHTML or using the DOM call document.createElement(‘br’);