New Hosting Team Mentor - fretburner

Please join us in congratulating fretburner who has proven himself to be an invaluable member of this community (as shown in his [url=]MOTM interview).

Be sure to complement @fretburner ; on his newly obtained orange look, which seems to fit him very well.

Congratulations, fretburner - good to have you on board. :slight_smile:

(And don’t listen to cpradio if he tries to tell you it’s a Mentor’s job to make the Team Leader’s coffee…:shifty:)

Welcome on board fretburner :slight_smile:

Coffee? No, Mt Dew? Definitely! (that’s my vice), and I only got that from @molona ; who made me serve her drinks for countless months!

Oh fretburner, now go and look what you’ve done. :wink:

Congratulations and welcome!

Welcome fretburner!

Hey everyone, thanks for the welcomes!

What is Mt Dew anyway? I’ve heard it mentioned now and then… some kind of energy drink?

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Nah dude, it’s half absynth, quart vodka and quart Jamesons.

“What he said” ==^^

It’s a fizzy soft drink that is a kind of “radiation green” colour and looks like it should glow in the dark. It’s quite nice but I’m always worried about just how many artificial chemicals it has!

shudder don’t mention absynth… I can’t believe anyone drinks the stuff!

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Ahhh! What did I do?!? You don’t know what Mt Dew is?!products/mountain-dew

Feel free to send it to me by the case :wink:

Thanks for agreeing to help out around here, fretburner! You’re a star!

Awesome website!
I just wasted twenty minutes of my day exploring it.

Welcome to the staff, fretburner. Glad to see you in orange. :slight_smile:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations fretburner.

Congratulations and welcome to the best staff team of SitePoint, fretburner!
Beware of members of the community team who will at one point or another try to convince you they are the best team. All lies, they’re just jealous (:

I can’t believe that I’ve been late to the official congratulations thread… Congratulations, fretburner! Glad that you decided to let your orange side out :stuck_out_tongue:

Not my fault if we’re the best. It is just a fact. I’m sorry that you need to try to convince yourself of the opposite but… A fact is a fact, and the Community Team is the best. We rock… and me even more :irock:

Welcome fretburner!