New facebook contest application

Hi all ,

my client have a facebook group, he want from the user to register in a question Contest which work as flowing
1- user fill his info (email, name and age)
2- 3 question with multiple choice appear
3- after finish question thanks page will appear
4- there is a daily differant questions the user must answer

I am still new in FB application development but I have a good experiance in PHP

many thanks for any reply

I don’t see a question here. Are you looking for someone to build this? Asking how? This isn’t a set of questions at all. Let us know what you have so far, what stage you’re at, and what you actually need, and someone can probably help you out.

THanks for your reply …
I need any article or tutorial or how to build this application on facebook application

You must share what type of help you require which page you want so that we can provide you good help

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