New Content with good Information and presentation. yet no comments

I have a WordPress Blog with nicely presented blog posts and useful information. I am getting new visits each day but the problem is there is no interaction to my blog from the visits via comment. I have used CAPTCHA to filter spam comments, but still i am receiving spams. That is another problem. Do i need to use Facebook log in and comment feature to my blog? will that makes the difference… Need experts Advice…

Have you tried Akismet?

Just because you have visitors doesn’t mean you should have comments.

I used to have around 1000 visits a day to a blog, and only one or two comments per blog post, so we turned off comments and encouraged ‘discussion’ on Twitter instead.

Is there any encouragement to make comments? Can people leave a link their their site, for example?

I think it also depends on the content of your article. Does it contain information worth commenting or debating? Or it’s just a simple blog post about how your day was? I always read blog articles, I only leave comments on those articles that contain valuable information.

This… you should probably consider replacing comments with your twitter RSS feed.