New Categories not showing

Hi, i use Microjobengine theme .
When i create new category or edit exising one from demo content-it dont shows up, just emty space.
Interesting that if i delete demo content and upload again, categories apears, but after editing or creating new category - same problem, any ideas guys?

Hello @gulejvladimiras
As per my understanding i think the problem is in the demo content Categories. That messed up the category structure.

For solution:
We need to start with deleting all the categories once. Delete permanentely (You can take the backup if you need).
Then move to the settings–> permalinks in admin menu.
Here you need to save the permalink structure. Click on post-name structure for the URL(Good for SEO) and click Save button.

If you have already selected the post-name structure then try with default structure.
Go back to Categories and try adding them.

Hope that helps…!!

Deleted all categories , changed permalink structure, categories still wont apear :confused:

You mean to say, You are not able to add a category or you mean after adding a category you are not able to edit?

If not able to work with category structure that means the error is in the Installation of the WordPress and the Theme.

You have to do it again to solve the issue.

Only do if you have some technical knowlwdge.

I can add categories, but they not appear on the home page

Goto theme Appearance and click on menu and select which you have created a category and add to show in menu …

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