New camera and cloud storage revolution starting early next year

A new camera will soon be available, about the size of a squashed matchbox, can be pinned to clothing and takes two 5 megPixel per minute. The daily 4 Gig of pictures can be uploaded to cloud storage via IOS or Android apps. The camera should retail about 199 USd and includes the first years cloud storage fee. have already exceeded by nearly ten-fold their Kickstarter target.

Looks like Google glasses will need a bit of a polish :slight_smile:

Note to Mods: I am not associated with this product.

I saw this on either the Daily Show or the Colbert Report (TV for those of you who don’t get US TV). We will all be able to catalog our days in entirety. Ain’t technology grand? :fangel:

I bet there will be lots of interesting photos - but then again perhaps not.

two 5 megapixels per minute? Wow, I guess you have to stand so still to take pictures.

Amazing gadget! Can’t wait to see it

This is a jaw-droppingly cool concept, but because of concerns about NSA and PRISM I’d think that this wouldn’t be in the best interests of most people to use. It creeps me out if the cloud storage is misused.

Nice Concept, Waiting to see it. But, two 5 MP Pics per Minute?