Networks for Latin America traffic

Hello to everyone, I need some advice on the following question:

Maybe someone knows networks that work with Latin America traffic (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, etc)? Probably there are some companies that have special programs for this region… Or if anyone needs LatAm traffic please pm me, i will send you details.

Also, if you could share your experience about your LatAm traffic that would be great. Does this traffic convert well?

Any details would be appreciated.
Thank you.

The network that I use for latin american traffic is directaclick. They claim to be the leading provider for ads in spanish speaking countries. That about covers it. Rates are much better with them for those areas as compared to other networks. I haven’t really tracked conversions so I can’t speak for that but since the eCPMs are good I’m guessing they’re converting about the same as other networks in other regions.

Thank you for this information. I will contact Directaclick for more details.

Also, has anyone used CupidMedia? They seem to have good campaigns for different regions, does anyone have experience with them?

Just wanted to ask those who have visitors from Latam and Asia - how do you monetize your traffic from these countries?

Hi Kettle,

Just a follow up to this. I’ve run into some problems with Directaclick. I told you that they payout on time and stuff however as of Jan 2010 this information is inaccurate.

I’ve still not received my payment for ads served in November 2009 and our terms were clearly NET30.

I receive payments by Paypal.

Just a warning for all those publishers looking to sign up with Directaclick/puntofox.
They’re going as far as not being clear on the payment date, just “you will get paid sometime…”.

I asked them again cause honestly I have a right to know when I will get paid. But unfortunately these guys don’t seem to care :frowning:

Ashray, I regret to listen about this situation, I really hope it will be resolved soon. Thank you for this information, it may be useful for visitors here.

Actually I tried to contact them however I have not received any reply from them unfortunately.