NetBeans xdebug problem

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I ran into the same problem the other day with Apache NetBeans 11.0. As it turned out all I had to do was add a line to the php.ini file.
Which php.ini file to modify? Run the “echo phpinfo()” and use that php.ini from the printout.
Also check the value for “xdebug.remote_enable=” in the phpinfo() printout.
In the php.ini file either uncomment or add a line like “xdebug.remote_enable=On”
Restart your server and you should be good to go, if that was the problem.

How many php.ini files do you have?

Quite a few actually!


I have a xampp (lampp) install, then I have a couple of vagrant setups, then I have a wordpress vagrant-type setup. Quite a mess. Maybe I should post the image of phpinfo() from one of my vagrants :smiley:

In XAMPP php.ini will be in the xampp/php folder. I’m assuming it will always be in the PHP folder but I wouldn’t be certain.

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