.NET vs. PHP in Enterprise Ecommerce?

Perhaps I am missing something…I hear a lot of good things about using php for ecommerce. Why then, do I see so many sites that use asp for their ecommerce sites? I have heard that it is slower and less secure, not to mention not free. So what are the advantages of asp.net for ecommerce?

ASP.NET when coded properly can be very secure, it also is extremely practical for companies with windows based infustructurer or existing asp written systems. There are few things that one language can do that the other can’t so the end breaking point is really a matter of which integrates best with your system and which will meet yoru exact needs. Open source and its lack of costs is nice but when you’re talking about enterprise level applications, a simple licensing fee is rarely a major road block (and asp.net isn’t something that costs by the line, just the engine).

ASP and ASP.NET are very different. ASP is a very old technology, which ASP.NET is very new and enourmously different.

.NET is (arguably) generally more capable than PHP for enterprise development for a number of reasons outside the scope of this post. However, it has been discussed on the forums a large number of times, and you will find lots of information if you do a search.

I’ll just briefly touch the biggest points.

.NET is more built for the needs of enterprise developers. It’s much larger and capable than PHP, but also more cumbersome and has a higher learning curve. It’s slightly less complex than Java, but it’s closer to Java than it is to PHP. .NET, unlike PHP, also has a standard development model (web forms), which is to a great advantage for enterprise development. C# is also (arguably) easier to work with on a large scale than PHP, because of it’s more extensive support for Object Orientation and convinient features like integrated documentation.

The development costs of PHP and .NET are both very low and they will both be negligable costs in any enterprise project. Macromedia Flex costs $12000 to licence - that’s a considerable licencing cost for an enterprise project, not the miniscule licence fee of Server 2003.

As for speed, while PHP is very fast, so is .NET. I have not seen any benchmark evidence anywhere on the web that PHP is faster anywhere, nor the opposite. Bottom line is that both of them are really frickin’ fast.

While ASP on Windows 2000 was pretty mediocre, security wise, .NET on Windows Server 2003 is very, very secure. It’s security track record is excellent. Check Secunia.com for yourself.

My personal opinion is that PHP holds very little advantages over .NET as an ecommerce platform, really. There are specific reasons why you would want to use PHP in certain cases, but overall and out of the box, .NET offers a much more compelling product for development of more complex applications.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Very helpful information.

Yes .NET (Wizard Based) so it’s easy & Supported as well …
but for me, I use php as My needs are few … I can’t pay for win servers :wink:
Anyone has a bias to php like me?

What does any of that mean?

but for me, I use php as My needs are few … I can’t pay for win servers :wink:
Anyone has a bias to php like me?

If you are buying hosting, the price difference between Windows and Linux servers is quite small. Windows Web edition is so bloody cheap that there isn’t even a price difference between a Linux/BSD server and a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition server on EV1Servers.com.

It means Asp.net is more productive as they have wizards and powerful tools for business…

But as for hosting, why I paid 3x price in Win servers vs linux…
e.g. (At first I paid certain money for 50 MB on windows, when I could have 200 MB on linux from the same company!)

Its still only as productive as the person using it.

I think you may not have found the right host then. I have paid the same for windows as I have for unix.

It sound like your host is not too good at Windows hosting. Windows hosting should absolutely not need to cost, AT MOST, 40% more than Linux hosting, unless you are using MSSQL, of course.

Linux > Windows

That is all. Companies that use linux (off the top of my head). Amazon, Google. When Amazon switched it made big news, they estimated saving 20m a year.

Number of Windows Viruses that swept across the globe in hours or days in the last year: lots.

Number of Linux viruses that swept across the globe in hours or days in the last year: none.

Virus writers now adays are smart. Each infected machine sits online and starts at and works its way upwards until it finds a vulnerable machine, which it then infects, which then helps to scan for more vulnerable machines. An unpatched windows PC nowadays that is connected to the Internet can become infected within minutes.

You can secure them, but there is no security against an exploit that hasn’t been discovered yet.

Admittedly more virus makers target windows than linux because of the pervasiveness of windows, but does it really matter why they do it? The fact is, they do it, and you’re at risk.

Now, I can see a small business with existing systems that need integration wanting to go with Windows, both for the integration and the support.

A larger company though is going to be better off going with linux. A larger company can afford to hire linux IT professionals and because everything else is free they come out ahead (like the Amazon situation).

Scripting languages? Choose which operating system is best for you first, then pick a language.

I was having a look round at some hosts here in the UK and I couldnt find one that actually had much of a price difference between Win and Linux. Although I do remeber at one time looking and windows hosting was a bit more expensive. That is definately changing now though!

It does require extra fees for MSSQL, but for the rest it is basically the same, why would it even cost 40% more?

My personal choice goes for PHP, but depending on the needs I do not hesitate in saying when .NET is best when I believe it is.

Which is definitely best between the two? I have no idea! But I am happy with PHP at this point, as enterprise as I have went in my course, I still wasn’t let down on speed or security.

But as Mattias greatly put it, .NET gained a lot as compared to what was “PHP vs ASP”.

I remember windows offer which includes MSSQL, Mysql and another db type … of course I could run php on windows server, but when I found it expensive I moved to linux (as my main language is php :wink: )
p.s. Why MSSQL is so expensive?

MSSQL is not expensive. It’s the cheapest of all databases availaible in it’s class.

It is “expensive” in terms that it doesn’t offer a free (GPL) version. :smiley:

I think it would be kind of complicated if every product not offered for free would be called “expensive”.

I was kidding in case you didn’t understand it :wink:

so confusing!
MSSQL is cheaper than mysql for instance? :frowning:
(just no one say mysql isn’t one equal foot with others :wink: )