Nested Table is on ColumnShort

I know it seems like I’m posting non stop but I do feel that I have learned a lot during the removal of the many IDs etc which I have now removed.

There are just two tables left now and with abit of luck I’ll be able to sort the last one myself. However: is the page.

There are two tables and as far as I can see both are set at width 100% Yet the inner table is a row column short

Any ideas why? And how to resolve it?


I’m getting 404 on that link.

Apologies; An extra K got in there somehow

In testcss.css line 188 you have this rule. For some reason you are setting the table to display: inline. Removing that should make it go full width.

.tableheader1861 {
	text-align: center;
	margin: 0;
	display: inline; /* this is the culprit */

Thanks. Spot On.

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