Nested list code doesn't work


Here’s the code (in abbreviated form) for my nested list on my genealogy site, but it doesn’t work as expected. It can be seen on my site The items on the list keep getting listed vertically but w/o any indentation (at least on my browser: IE).

<ul><font size=3>

[INDENT] <li>…</li>
<li>Butler, Pa Klughs[/INDENT]

<li>Census Reports</li>
<li>Telephone Directories</li>
<li>Family Trees</li>
</ul></li>[/INDENT] <li>…</li>

I’m pretty sure the code is correct, but what am I missing? Doctype perhaps?
I’ve checked the forums and many websites. They all suggest the same code… don’t know what else to do.

Thanks in advance.

Your CSS says that lists and list items should have no margins and no padding. It’s your first rule.

If you want indentation (that’s a margin or padding on the left side of the list) then you have to add it back.

Thanks Dan… such an obvious thing.

Done… and done.

Now all you need is to get rid of the font tag… :slight_smile: