Nested Dib Background Colors


I’m hoping someone can help me here.
I’m very new to tableless layouts and I’m building this site here:

I’m having a real headache with my nested divs. I have a background colour set on the page via the body tag (gray) but I’m wanting my ‘wrapper’ DIV which holds the main page content to be white. But the body tag seems to be overriding this. I’ve tried ‘overflow:hidden’ in the ‘wrapper’ DIV and whilst this seems to fix the problem when viewed in browser the actual design preview in Dreamweaver 3 is all messed up and makes the document difficult to work on.

Any ideas?

Thanks Antony

Overflow:hidden is what I’d use. To be honest, the only problem here is using design preview. It’s best to write your code and then view the results in a browser. Design preview is has no real relation to web design, as it’s not a real browser.

Ralph - cheers man - appreciate you taking the time to look at that for me. I’m going to go with ‘overflow:hidden’ as you recommended and just live with DW3’s scrambled design view.


But why? You can open the page in your browser, and each time you make a change, just refresh. That’s how I work, and it’s so much more reliable than using preview, which is not a browser and thus tells you nothing about whether your code is working or not. Once you get used to this workflow, you’ll forget all about preview. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph - guess I’ve just overelied on design view in the past. But I shall be taking your advice. :slight_smile: