Negative Comment on Social Media

How to handle negative comment on social media?

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Hi rosalina, and welcome to the forums.

Did you try an Internet search, because there seems to be a wealth of suggestions out there.

If you have a specific situation in mind which wasn’t covered by these articles, then perhaps you could provide more details. As it is, your question is too vague for us to be able to help much.

SET privacy stetting and mark as spam to negative comments.

Thanks allisonmarry for your suggestion.

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Negative comment on social media is really not good for your post. Negative comment decrease the trust of your brand or services. So you should share genuine content and products.

Try to post Unique and Quality content so people like to read it and post some good comment for you site.

Replies seem to be wandering off-topic, and the OP has apparently lost interest.

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